Westminster policy forum told of NLCC’s vision

A leading policy forum has heard about the NLCC’s plans to create a ‘living laboratory’ for the low-carbon sector.

Denis Chamberlain attended the Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum’s keynote seminar – The future of research and innovation in the energy sector – on June 16.

The forum which brings together policy makers, academics and business representatives to discuss public policy relating to energy and transport policy, and the environment.

In his submission to the post-event publication Denis Chamberlain outlined the NLCC’s vision:

“The NLCC Campus will provide the stimulus to the whole Stoneleigh Science Park to become a centre of excellence for UK and European low carbon technologies,” he said.

“The Consortium believes that, by partnering leading West Midlands’ universities with commercial exploiters of the technology, there is a unique opportunity for knowledge transfer between academics, researchers and businesses developing commercial low carbon applications.

“The centre will play a key role in stimulating the transition to a low carbon economy as well as creating jobs and attracting vital investment to the West Midlands, an area which is already leading the UK in the creation of low-carbon start-ups and jobs.”

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